The Black Panther of Sivanipalli, and other adventures of the Indian jungle by Kenneth Anderson


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Author Kenneth Anderson introduces his third book, and explains his reasons for devoting the first five chapters to panthers.

A Panther’s Way

Anderson discusses the habitual differences of the panther and tiger, and the methods adopted for tracking them.

Man-Eating Panther of the Yellagiri Hills

A cattle-lifting panther turns man-eater when wounded by a local man’s gunshot, and Kenneth Anderson heads to the Yellagiri Hills to investigate. Over the course of many weeks he returns to the Yellagiri Hills and sits up over goat and donkey baits awaiting a successful shot. On a few occasions the panther charges at Anderson, and on one such charge Anderson successfully gets a kill shot in.

Old Munuswamy & The Panther of Magadi

A local shikari guide, Munuswamy (who earns his living by exploiting panther hunters) attempts to gain local notoriety by shooting a cattle lifting panther himself. Failing to kill the animal, the wounded panther turns to attacking humans. The local authorities find out who is responsible for wounding the panther and Munuswamy is given four days to shoot the panther or face jail. Munuswamy’s friend Kenneth Anderson arrives to help, and they head to a cave which they believe to be the panther’s home.

The Black Panther of Sivanipalli

Anderson heads to Sivanipalli on the trail of a jet black panther which has been killing local cattle. Locating the panther soon enough, Anderson struggles to make a clean shot in the dark due to the panther’s fur being black. The next day Anderson follows the trail of the wounded black panther to the mouth of a cave, but in firing a further shot a bee hive opens up and Anderson is attacked by a swarm of bees.

1959 hardcover with dust-jacket. Jacket is chipped at edges. Book boards are black with gilt text and are still excellent.